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The Science

The study highlights the potential benefit of mindfulness based tinnitus stress reduction as an intervention for chronic tinnitus. Quantitative results indicated that there was moderate to large improvement with respect to reduced tinnitus annoyance and awareness.

Gans J, O'Sullivan P, Bircheff V, Mindfulness, Volume 3, No 4, December 2012

The positive findings give support for the use of cognitive behavioural therapy/meditation for chronic tinnitus sufferers.

Sadlier M, Stephens SD, Kennedy V., Physiotherapy Department, University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff, UK.

Share Your Living With Tinnitus Story

In 2011, the onset of tinnitus turned my world upside down. My mental state went into a massive downward spiral and I couldn't see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Fast forward to the present, and I have never felt better.

I have started this website with my son-in-law to share my experience of living with tinnitus and to encourage others to do the same in the hope that we can help fellow tinnitus sufferers deal with the difficult times that we have all experienced.

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When tinnitus first hit, I spent countless hours on the internet trying to find useful information which was quite difficult at the time.

We are slowly getting more information and research on tinnitus so we have created a resources section to share websites and organisations that I have found to be useful and informative.

We will keep adding to these as we continue to explore advancements in tinnitus research and the quality of information being shared around the web.

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Living With Tinnitus Stories

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Find Tinnitus Relief

If you're looking for a miracle tinnitus cure, then I'm afraid we can't help you with that.

I searched endlessly for one when tinnitus first hit despite the medical community telling me there wasn't one. All I wanted was for the ringing to disappear.

I have found relief from tinnitus through meditation and as a result, tinnitus no longer has an impact on my life. I still have the same ringing I have always had but it no longer affects me like it used to.

In this section we provide details on meditation and many other forms of relief that we have tried or come across over the years to make you aware of them.

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